Statement of Purpose

We, at LK Home Care, aim to provide the highest possible standards of care and training. With this in mind, we are able to provide homecare services that promote independence and wellbeing and thus enabling you to continue living in your own home.

 LK Home Care places great importance on working policies and procedures for the safe and competent delivery of care provided by the company. The Managing Director has lead responsibility for the implementation, updating and compliance of all company policies that provide a safe working environment for you and all company staff.

LK Home Care recognises the importance of the contribution of all our employees in the provision of the services the company provide. The company has a strict recruitment & selection policy. LK provides education and training based on the National Care Standards guidelines, Care Quality Commission and our organisational needs, to enable the company to meet its strategic goals - to deliver quality social care to you and to ensure all staff is competent to deliver this service.

LK Home Care service will ensure that you and everyone involved in your care package are always kept fully informed and up to date in any changes or needs. We will also keep you informed of the range and level of services the company provides.

LK Home Care is committed to equal opportunities to ensure that no employee or service user receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, age or disability. We will ensure that the particular needs of ethnic minority groups are given appropriate consideration in all aspects of service delivery.

Our Quality Assurance Systems at LK Home Care is committed to regular auditing the range of services we provide and the performance of our employees. A Quality Assurance Coordinator will visit you on a regular basic to check on the quality of care provided and to review your individual care plan when needed or appropriate.

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