Direct Payments System Explained

Your independence and choice is the most important part of the direct payments scheme. This is where the Social Service will assess your needs, your mobility and your healthcare needs. They will calculate how much money you will be paid, to purchase your own care.

The good side:
The good side to this scheme is that you get the money and employ someone to help with your care needs. You have the choice of either:
A.  Purchasing care through a care agency (like ours) to help you with your care needs
B.  Employing a person directly to help you with your care needs

The down side:
Applies only if you employ someone directly and contractual responsibilities apply. You will become an employer and as such, you have to abide by employment law and ensure the following:

You will be responsible for paying your carer(s) salary; you will need to make arrangements for their National Insurance Contributions and Income Tax deductions. The person will be entitled to 28 days holiday (pro rata), statutory sick leave, maternity leave & pay (should they become pregnant whilst in your employ). When your carer is on holiday or sick, you will be paying your carer and depending on your needs, you may need to employ someone else whilst they are away.

If I use LK Home Care, what are the benefits and how will this help me?
We believe in promoting your independence, respect your choice, your rights, your privacy and dignity. We provide relevant and appropriate personal care services to the highest possible standard.
LK Home Care Provider Ltd is committed to acknowledging and meeting the complex and multiple needs of service users by providing skilled trained care staff, offering the highest possible quality service levels.

What will LK Home Care be responsible for?
We will help you to plan your own personal care plan. This document will detail all the tasks that you want your carer to help you with, be in personal care, housework, shopping etc. Your care plan is flexible and can incorporate all your care and other needs. We will provide you with a carer at the time you require, who is skilled, competent and trained to help you achieve the requirements of your care plan.

Our Contractual Responsibilities.
We are responsible for paying the carer’s wage, sick pay, holiday pay, NI and Income Tax Deductions.
We will supply a replacement, whenever your own carer is away for whatever the reason.
We are responsible for the management and supervision of the carer and will ensure, that the care and help given is what you want and of a standard acceptable to you.
We are responsible for maintaining the training and teaching needs of our carers and that we meet all the requirements of the Care Quality Commission. 

How will LK Home Care charge me?
Our accounts office will send you an invoice fortnightly or four weekly, depending on the amount of hours you purchase. The invoice is payable 14 days after issue and we accept payments by Cheque or BACSs Transfer. Please Contact Us directly if extra clarification is required.

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